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Course Evaluation

Students play a key role in the College’s processes for assuring the quality of its provision.  At course level it is important to gather information on the quality of the learning experience, so students are invited to provide feedback on  each course that they take at the College via a Course Evaluation Questionnaire.




• To gather feedback from students on their experience of the course

• To identify areas for course improvement

• To identify examples of good practice

Outline of the Process

Heads of Department should ensure that Course Evaluation takes place for all taught provision within their department and that it is operated in a consistent and transparent way.  They should nominate a specific member of staff to co-ordinate and administer the process, for example a Course Evaluation representative, or the Chair of the Departmental Learning and Teaching Committee.

Course Evaluation must take place at least once in each Academic Session. Many departments choose to do this at the end of each course. It can also be a useful diagnostic tool early on in a course as this will enable the department to iron out any issues at an early stage.

Students are asked to fill in a questionnaire, and should ideally be allowed time to complete it within a timetabled lecture or seminar session.  They should be made aware of the value of the exercise, given guidance about how to complete the questionnaire correctly and be reassured that the process is anonymous.

Departments should use either the standard college Optical Mark Reading (OMR) form  (see Appendix 7) or one the department has devised, but it should relate to the following areas:

• Course organisation (administrative framework)

• Course presentation (teaching)

• Any other comments

Alternatively, departments may use the online course evaluation facility and questionnaire using the VLE. Departments that want to use online course evaluation should contact the Quality Office in the first instance.

If the standard OMR forms are used, they are then sent to IT Services for processing.

The results are then returned to the department, which produces a summary/commentary for submission to the Departmental Learning and Teaching Committee, and for inclusion in the Annual Programme Review.

For departmentally produced qualitative questionnaires, the results should be assessed/analysed by a designated academic member of staff, and a summary/commentary submitted to the Departmental Learning and Teaching Committee.

The Departmental Learning and Teaching Committee then should produce a summary of issues raised in these course summaries/commentaries to present to Departmental Board.

The relevant summaries/commentaries will also need to be commented on in the Annual Programme Review report process.

However the information is organised, it is essential that the data collected through the Course Evaluation process is assessed and, where appropriate, acted upon.  Heads of Department should be satisfied that there are no urgent  issues requiring immediate resolution.

Feedback to Students

Course Evaluation data should be fed back to students, via their representatives, in the appropriate Staff/Student forum.

Students should be able to get feedback on Course Evaluation either via Staff/Student forums, from the Annual Programme Review report or via their representatives on Departmental Boards.


Content last modified: 31 May 2012

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