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Records Management Policy

Research Data Management

Goldsmiths recognises research data as a vital asset and recognises also that the curation and sharing of research data is key to its mission to create knowledge. The College fully supports the Research Council UK’s statement that publicly funded research is a public good that should be made openly available to the public when legally and ethically appropriate.

Across all academic disciplines, research data should be managed to agreed standards and according to funding body requirements throughout the research data lifecycle. Responsibility for research data management during any research project lies with Principal Investigators (PIs).

PIs are required to consider data creation, curation and sharing in the development of their research proposals and grant applications. All new research proposals must include research data management plans that explicitly address data capture, management, integrity, confidentiality, retention, sharing, re-use and publication.

The College will provide training, guidance and support for the development of research data management plans and their implementation, and the infrastructure and expertise for long-term curation, preservation and access to research data.

PIs should record research data upon creation and deposit it according to their plan (often within six months of publication of research findings). College will preserve access for as long as specified by the data management plan (which can be up to ten years after it was last accessed). Any data which is retained elsewhere, for example in an international data service or domain repository, should be registered with the College.

Data should not be deposited with any organisation that does not commit to its access and availability for re-use, unless this is a condition of funding or would prevent commercial interests. Before committing to restrictions on accessibility, researchers should satisfy themselves that these restrictions are sustainable in the context of the fairly limited exemptions from disclosure available under the Freedom of Information Act

Open access to research data will be granted under appropriate safeguards according to conditions and timeframes specified by researchers, commercial partners and funding bodies. The College will support this through the provision of a data repository.

Content last modified: 03 Oct 2014

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