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Science & Technology

Examining the roles of invention, innovation, technology, discovery and change in social and public life.

Course overview

Goldsmiths has a rich and acclaimed tradition of social and cultural research that addresses the broad areas of science, medicine, technology and the environment.

We play host to many events, research initiatives and projects that explore and examine the role of 'invention’ and ‘process’ – which encompasses ‘creativity’, ‘innovation’, ‘discovery’, novelty and change – in social and public life.

These endeavors aim to facilitate collaboration and intervention across disciplines and practices that touch on the social broadly conceived, including, but not limited to:

  • Design and social science
  • Computing and sociology
  • Human-computer interaction (HCI) and computational technology
  • Issue advocacy and social methods
  • Biomedicine and social research
  • The arts and environmental science
  • The sociocultural dimensions of media technologies
  • Algorithms and data
  • Practice-based methods.

Goldsmiths’ expertise in the area of science and technology is also notable for the longstanding emphasis and commitment it’s experts have placed on theoretical originality.


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"The course gave us the confidence to make the transition to being professional smoothly."
"We founded PAN in 2011 – we were interested in using our learned design skills to create new and compelling experiences; salient moments in time that would have a lasting effect on people. Our work includes elements of interaction design, building immersive theatrical environments, and creating objects that affect the way people experience their environment. We…