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Alberto Toscano on Fredric Jameson in ‘The World is Already Without Us’
Alberto Toscano has just published an article entitled ‘The World is Already Without Us’ in a special issue of Social Text around the work of Fredric Jameson. The article revisits the problematic of the cognitive mapping of capital by probing the affinity... Continue Reading →

Performance and Performativity: Actualities and Futures
Vikki Bell gave the keynote at the Performance and Performativity conference at the University of Leeds on 15th June.

After October, Before February: Figures of Dual Power
Alberto Toscano has published an article, ‘After October, Before February: Figures of Dual Power’, in Fredric Jameson, An American Utopia: Dual Power and the Universal Army, edited by Slavoj Žižek, which features Jameson’s speculative, utopian challenge to contemporary leftist thought, followed by... Continue Reading →

Sociology awarded Bronze in Green Impact!
Today the Department was awarded for our efforts in upholding sustainable practices in the workplace by NUS Green Impact. Clare Lewis, who lead the department’s Green Impact Team, was presented with a bronze award (both pictured) by Space, Environment &... Continue Reading →

Liberalism Terminable and Interminable
Alberto Toscano has published a short article, ‘Liberalism Terminable and Interminable‘, as part of a symposium on Joseph Massad’s book Islam in Liberalism, which also includes Sara R. Farris’ intervention ‘The Cold War of Women and Islam‘. Both pieces feature responses... Continue Reading →

UrbanPhotoFest Open: (re:) Thinking the Street
Whether amateur, professional or student, you are invited to submit up to 4 images that showcase your visual representation of the theme of the competition. Visit for further details  

Data Citizens and Data Organisms
  Speaker: Prof Geoffrey C. Bowker, University of California, Irvine In this talk, Prof Bowker will explore how the concept of selfhood can be enriched by considering ourselves as existing both inside of our own bodies and minds and within... Continue Reading →

The Cold War of Women and Islam
JOSEPH MASSAD’S NEW BOOK Islam in Liberalism is a welcome and timely intervention into one of the most pressing questions of our times: why does Islam occupy such a central inimical place within Western politics and ideology? Massad answers this question... Continue Reading →