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‘Academic Diary’ Book Launch
Thursday 5th May, 7pm at Brick Lane Bookshop To celebrate the publication of his new book, ‘Academic Diary’, Les Back will be talking higher education with sociologist and broadcaster Laurie Taylor, presenter of BBC Radio 4’s ‘Thinking Allowed’. Is a university... Continue Reading →

The Insistence of the Possible: A Two-Day Symposium with Isabelle Stengers
// 18th & 19th May 2016, 2-6pm // Professor Stuart Hall Building 314, Goldsmiths, University of London, SE14 6NW These two events will explore the development of Isabelle Stengers’ work, and will engage with her in conversations about many of her influential concepts... Continue Reading →

Between Documentality and Imagination: Five Theses on Curating the Violent Past
On Thursday 21st April Professor Vikki Bell will be giving a talk at the University of Valparaiso, Chile. It is entitled: ‘Between Documentality and Imagination: Five Theses on Curating the Violent Past’. Her article of the same name has been... Continue Reading →

Feminism, Capitalism and Social Transformation
Sara Farris will be speaking at the “Feminism, Capitalism and Social Transformation” conference in New York. This year’s Arendt-Schurmann Memorial Symposium explores the theme of “Feminism, Capitalism and Social Transformation” It convenes a diverse group of thinkers who are currently engaged... Continue Reading →

Rethinking Economies with Marsha Rosengarten and Martin Savransky
Professor Marsha Rosengarten & Dr Martin Savransky will be presenting at the ‘Rethinking Economies Seminar Series 2016‘ at the University of Tampere, 21 April.

Rob Imrie keynote at Celebrating the ADA event
On April 6 2016, Rob Imrie gave a keynote at ‘Celebrating the ADA: The Next 25 Years’ event at the University at Buffalo The Americans with Disabilities Act was 25 years old in 2015, a year marked by numerous events commemorating... Continue Reading →

Website launched for New Urban Multicultures: Conviviality and Racism Conference
Organised by Dr Emma Jackson and Dr Anamik Saha, the New Urban Multicultures conference will re-engage with ‘New Ethnicities and Urban Cultures: Racisms and Multiculture in Young Lives’ by Les Back, and its themes of the co-presence of racism and... Continue Reading →

Sovereignty and Deviation: Notes on Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason, Vol. 2
Alberto Toscano’s article ‘Sovereignty and Deviation: Notes on Sartre’s Critique of Dialectical Reason, Vol. 2’ – exploring the French philosopher’s account of the emergence of Stalinism – is now available [pdf] in the journal Crisis and Critique.