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Deadly Trash
An article in Ethiopias ‘The Reporter‘ cites Professor Caroline Knowles. “The British academic, Caroline Knowles, describes it as the “redistribution centre which indexes the differences between people’s life-journeys, refracted through material cultures at their point of disposal.”

Book Launch: The Religious Lives of Older Laywomen
5pm PSH 314, Goldsmiths University of London 17 May, 2017 The Religious Lives of Older Laywomen provides a study of the generation of mainstream Christian laywomen born in the 1920s and 1930s (Generation A). Now in their 70s, 80s, and... Continue Reading →

Latin America: Translation Attempts
Latin America: Translation attempts” series is supported by the Unit of Global Justice Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths; Latin Elephant; and the Latin American Hub, Goldsmiths. The films take place at Goldsmiths University of London as follows: 15/03 Daughter of The... Continue Reading →

13 Dead, Nothing Said: Photography as Political Witness
10 May 2017 4-6.00pm RHB137a, Goldsmiths University of London On 2nd March 1981 a protest took place called the Black People Day of Action. On their placards was written the slogan “Thirteen dead and nothing said”. Vron Ware photographed this... Continue Reading →

Another Future is Possible! Social Science and Speculative Experimentation…
Wednesday 15 March 2017 4-5.30pm Room 12.21 and 12.25, Social Sciences Building, University of Leeds Is another future possible? Paul Valéry once famously wrote that the problem with our times is that the future is not what it used to... Continue Reading →

Exploring Social Justice
How we live with difference is the key issue of our time. Issues relating to race and ethnicity, whether immigration, Islamophobia, #blacklivesmatter, or media diversity, are at the forefront of public debate. Listen to Dr Brett St Louis explore social... Continue Reading →

Around the Day in Eighty Worlds: A Politics of the Pluriverse
Wednesday 22 March 2017 3:30pm – 5:00pm Ken Edwards Fifth Floor SR 527, University of Leicester Responding to a time marked by the rise of political resentments and the ecological devastation of experience in a modern world without refuge, in... Continue Reading →

Not in the family portrait: BME voters and Brexit – Part II
‘With the start of the exit negotiations looming in early 2017, I still reject the notion that those who voted remain should shut up and accept the result. I reject platitudinous nonsense about having to stick together and make this... Continue Reading →