MPhil/PhD News and Activities
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MPhil/PhD News and Activities

MPhil/PhD News and Activities

The Sociology PhD students at Goldsmiths are engaged in a range of different research related activities. Here are just a small handful:


Reading Groups


Seminars, Conferences and Events

  • David Rose organised a debate in October 2010 at Goldsmiths between two researchers from the Demos Think Tank (Jamie Bartlett and Carl Miller) and some "conspiracy theorists" about the report Demos had published on the dangers of conspiracy theories: 
  • At The Tuesday Sessions PhDs present their work, including papers, chapters or film screenings and receive comments about their work from their peers.
  • The 'Race', Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies (REPS) Symposium is a two day event lead by research students from the Sociology Department of Goldsmiths who are currently working within the areas of 'race', ethnicity and post-colonial studies. During the symposium, PhD students will present papers based on their recently completed or ongoing research in these fields. This is an annual event which began last year as a ‘workshop’ that took place at and was funded by the LSE and led by LSE PhD students. An additional committee formed by students from the LSE, Goldsmiths and City University assisted in organising and executing the event which was supported by academics from these three universities including Paul Gilroy, Claire Alexander, Chetan Bhatt, Caroline Knowles, Suki Ali, and John Solomos, among others. These scholars voluntarily gave their time to chair panels, gave constructive feedback to the presenters, and instigated discussion.
  • The next 'Race', Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies (REPS) Symposium will take place on 26th and 27th May 2011. It has been funded by the Graduate School, and will be hosted by Caroline Knowles and Les Back. Nirmal Puwar will Present her film on 'Social Cinema Scenes'. The organising committee is Margarita Aragón, Tom Henri, Christy Kulz, Joshua Paul and Carolina Ramírez.
  • The Nylon Group, a group meeting every two weeks at LSE, consisting of Goldsmiths, LSE and NYU. A conference has been organised to take place on 1-4th April at LSE and Goldsmiths.
  • Christian von Wissel, Citámbulos: interdisciplinary urban research, Mexico City. Exhibitions in Berlin, 2008; Linz, 2009; Mexico City 2009/10 and forthcoming at Museum of Copenhagen, May to July 2011 and Oslo City Museum, Summer 2012
  • Christian von Wissel, Urban biotopes. A cultural exchange and creative research project that aims at initiating a trans-local dialogue on practices of urban sustainability among cities in Europe, Latin America and Africa. (This is a collaboration between Urban Dialogues, Berlin; Vínculos, Mexico City; and CUCR, Goldsmiths, London).




  • Ariza, Lucia. (2010) ‘La procreación como evento natural o tecnológico: repertorios decisorios acerca del recurso a la reproducción asistida en parejas infértiles de Buenos Aires’ Eä Journal of Medical Humanities & Social Studies of Science and Technology, Vol. 2, N° 1.
  • Ariza, L. and Libson, M. (forthcoming, 2011). ‘Biología, maternidad y derechos. Experiencias de mujeres heterosexuales y mujeres lesbianas con la procreación asistida’, in Geldstein, R. and Schufer, M. Problemas actuales de salud reproductiva, familia, género y sexualidad. Buenos Aires: Biblos.
  • Ariza, L. (2007) ‘Tecnologías reproductivas en la Argentina contemporánea: la experiencia de la infertilidad en mujeres usuarias’, in Lopez, E. and Pantelides, E. A. (Comps.) Aportes a la investigación social en salud sexual y reproductiva. Buenos Aires: CENEP, CEDES, AEPA, UNFPA, pp. 257-283.
  • Ariza, L. and Schwarz, P. (2006) ‘Relaciones amorosas y parentalidad en población GLTTBI’, in Jones, D., Libson, M. and Hiller, R. (Eds). Sexualidades, política y violencia. La Marcha del Orgullo GLTTBI Buenos Aires 2005. Segunda Encuesta. Buenos Aires: Antropofagia, pp. 46-56. 
  • Ariza, L. (2005) ‘Frantz Fanon. La nación interpuesta’, in Vernik, E. (Ed.) ¿Qué es una nación? La pregunta de Renán revisitada. Buenos Aires: Prometeo, pp. 113-134.
  • Ariza, L. (2004) ‘¿Ella es lo que desea?. Diferencia, exceso y síntoma’, in Dávilo, B.  Territorio, Memoria y Relato en la construcción de identidades colectivas. Rosario: UNR Editora, pp. 175-182.
  • Ariza, L. (2004) ‘La nación a la intemperie’, Review of Frantz Fanon. Poética y política del sujeto poscolonial by Alejandro J. De Oto. México, El Colegio de México, 2003. In: El Ojo Mocho, Nº 18/19, Buenos Aires, pp. 133-136.
  • Pecheny, M. (Dir.), Andía A. M, Ariza, L., Brown, J., Epele, M., Luciani Conde, L., Mario, S., and Tamburrino, M. C. (2010). Anticoncepción después de...: Barreras a la accesibilidad a la anticoncepción de emergencia en la Argentina. Buenos Aires: Teseo
  • Ariza, L. ‘Michel Foucault y Louis Althusser: aproximaciones a un contrapunto teórico’, in
  • Pearce, Caroline (2011) ‘Girl, Interrupted: An exploration into the experience of grief following the death of a mother in young women’s narratives’, Mortality 16(1): 35-53.
  • Some of the papers from REPS (see above) feature in a recently published Runnymede Trust work centring on new directions in race and ethnicity research. The launch for this work can be seen here
  • Cardullo, Paulo Doing Work: Chronicles of the Working River (photobook 80pp)
  • Cardullo, Paulo Walking on the Rim: a Tale of Abjection (photobook 80pp)
  • Goldsmiths students are also involved in the online journal Critical Contemporary Culture



  • Ariza, Lucia ‘Managing kinship, ensuring variation: the production of population diversity in assisted reproduction’s gamete exchange’, 9th Annual NYLON Graduate Student Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK April 2011
  • Ariza, Lucia ‘”Altruistizacion” devices, exchange and the problem of valuation’, Technoscientific and Social Dynamics of Health and Healthcare, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, October 2010
  • Ariza, Lucia ‘Tratame bien. Experiencias de mujeres heterosexuales y mujeres lesbianas con la procreación asistida’ (Co-authorship), VI Taller de Investigaciones Sociales en Salud Reproductiva y Sexualidad,  en el marco de las transformaciones en la familia, AEPA/ CENEP/ CEDES/ IIGG Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 2010
  • Ariza, Lucia ‘A proper place for each. Practitioners’ accounts of genes-behaviour links in prospective gamete donation during infertility treatment’, Spring Regional Meeting of the Postgraduate Forum in Genetics and Society (PFGS) ‘Genetics and Behaviour: from the Science to Society’, Lancaster, UK, April 2010
  • Ariza, Lucia 8th Annual NYLON Graduate Student Conference (Respondent), Institute for Public Knowledge, New York, US, March 2010
  • Ariza, Lucia ‘Gamete Donation as a Reproductive Option in Argentina. The Enactment of Kinship in Expert Contexts’ (Poster), BSA Annual Conference, Cardiff, UK, April 2009
  • Ariza, Lucia ‘IVF in Argentina 20 years on: why are we still lacking regulation?’, 12th Colloquium of the Postgraduate Forum on Genetics and Society ‘Bio and Social Sciences – A Critical Collaboration?’, Lancaster, UK, December 2008
  • Ariza, Lucia ‘Motherhood as a natural or technological event. Decision-making repertoires surrounding the recourse to IVF among infertile women of the City of Buenos Aires’, 5th Conference of Research in Social Anthropology, Faculty of Philosophy and Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 2008
  • Loveday, Vik ‘“Flat-capping it”: The role of myth and nostalgia in the construction of retroactive working-class identities in the university’, BSA Annual Conference, April 2011
  • Rose, David ‘The Other British Empire: Conspiracy Theories in Iran and America’, Conspiracy Theories in the Middle East and the United States Colloquium, Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies, Germany, January 2011
  • von Wissel, Christian ‘Operations of Recognition in the Urbanised Landscape of the Valley of Mexico’, Visual Sociology Sessions (TG05), XVII World Congress of Sociology, International Sociological Association, Gothenburg.
  • von Wissel, Christian Nosotros ciudadanos - We, citizens,  Series of three public talks on citizenship and urbanisation/ sustainability/ war on drugs. La Miscelania, Mexico City, Autumn 2010

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