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Roger Burrows joined Goldsmiths in 2012 from the Department of Sociology at the University of York. Prior to York he had worked at the University of Teesside, the University of Surrey, LSE and, what is now, the University of East London. His background is in sociology, social policy and urban studies. He is a methodological pluralist but has made extensive use of quantitative methods in his work. He was the coordinator of the ESRC e-Society Research programme between 2005-2008.

Academic qualifications

Elected, Academician of the Academy of the Social Sciences (AcSS) (from 2011-)

MSc Social Research Methods, University of Surrey, 1984

BSc Economics, Sociology and Statistics, University of Surrey, 1983


He contributes to teaching in sociological research methods, digital sociology and urban sociology.

Areas of supervision

He has supervised 13 students to completion of their PhDs. He is particularly interested in working with research students on empirical projects in the areas of: housing and urban studies; social media and social informatics; and social and cultural geography. He is also keen to supervise students on any topic that involves the use of the secondary analysis of large-scale data sets, visualization methodologies or the analysis of transactional data.

Research interests

His current research interests are in: urban sociology; social media; the social life of methods; and the public life of data. He is currently developing specific projects on: Metrics, Software and Algorithmic Power in the Contemporary Academy; the Sociology of the Super-Rich ‘Communities’ in London; and Mobility, Globalization and Belonging in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. He is the author, co-author or editor of over 120 articles, chapters, books and reports.

Selected publications

Publications since 2008

2013  Burrows, R. ‘Area Based Classification Systems’ in N. Thrift, A. Tickell and S. Woolgar (eds) Globalisation in Practice Oxford: Oxford University Press, Forthcoming

2013  Burrows, R. and Beer, D. ‘Rethinking Space: Urban Informatics and the Sociological Imagination’ in Prior, N. and Orton-Johnson, K. (eds) Digital Sociology  Basingstoke: Palgrave. Forthcoming

2013  Burrows, R. and Holmes, M. ‘Ping Pong Poms? Emotional Reflexivity in Contemporary Return Migration from Australia to the UK’, Australian Journal of Social Issues, Forthcoming

2013  MacLeod, D. and Burrows, R. ‘Home and Away: Family Matters in the Lives of Young Transnational Couples’, Journal of Sociology, Forthcoming

2013  Beer, D. and Burrows, R. ‘Popular Culture, Digital Archives and the New Social Life of Data’, Theory, Culture & Society, Forthcoming

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2008  Burrows, R. ‘Geodemographics and the Construction of Differentiated Neighbourhoods’ in J. Flint and D. Robinson (eds) Cohesion in Crisis? New Dimensions of Diversity and Difference Bristol: Policy Press, 219-237


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