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Rent Guarantor scheme

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Help if you need a UK-based guarantor to rent accommodation

This scheme helps students who have no family living in the UK who can act as a guarantor for private accommodation. Normally you will be an international student, EU student with no other options in the UK or a home student who identifies as a care leaver. If you are in your first year of study, you should apply for Goldsmiths Accommodation instead.

To be eligible you must have

  • No debt to Goldsmiths
  • Satisfactory academic standing
  • Sufficient financial backing to maintain rent payments

The guarantee covers rent only, contracts stating liability for repairs or damage will not be accepted. For the 2017-18 Academic Year the monthly rent will be limited to £175 per week/£700 per calendar month.

It covers a rental period that matches your current enrolment session, usually September to September or January to January, etc. The period of guarantee cannot exceed 12 months.


  1. Find and secure a room or flat
  2. Get the tenancy agreement (or sample tenancy agreement), but do not sign it yet
  3. Download and fill in the Rent Guarantor Application Form
  4. Submit the application form, your bank statements from the last two months, and proof of your income to the Student Centre
  5. The Student Centre can normally provide decisions quickly but sometimes it could take a couple of days depending on level of demand

Repaying rent

If Goldsmiths is required to pay rent on your behalf, this amount will be added to your Goldsmiths account. You need to repay this within four months and an invoice will be issued to you.

Application form

Rent Guarantor Scheme 17-18


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