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Research and learning at Goldsmiths is interdisciplinary: we work across departments and subject areas to collaborate together in new fields. This cross-disciplinary, collaborative way of working is at the heart of much of the research interests our academics specialise in and the degrees we teach.

Explore our interdisciplinary themes below.

STaCS Art Therapy exhibition

Curating & the Arts

Goldsmiths is known for its work in contemporary arts practice. But is also the base for significant work in art theory, the history of art, analysis of visual culture, art and politics, curating, the computational arts, and the arts and learning.



Goldsmiths houses one of the largest groups of academics working within the digital division in the UK, across the arts, the humanities, the social sciences as well as in social and creative technologies.

Market stall


An exploration of core ideas and issues in politics, philosophy and economics.



Goldsmiths offers critical perspectives on contemporary fashion through practice and academic research.

Refugees from Libya Queue for Food at Tunisia Transit Camp.


Migration continues to be a subject that inspires research and practice across Goldsmiths' disciplines

The brain

Science & Technology

Examining the roles of invention, innovation, technology, discovery and change in social and public life.



The theory, practice, technique, and epistemologies of sound as a medium.

Brixton Academy


Architecture, design and the urban form.



An innovative approach to visual studies that spans acoss Art and Visual Cultures, Anthropology, Politics, Sociology, and Media & Communications.