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Why study Community Studies at Goldsmiths? 

Goldsmiths is a creative university, and these are times for creative solutions in communities. Funding regimes and policy demand more and more complex partnerships between local people, local authorities, VCS bodies, professionals and service providers. Responding to need in creative ways is essential, and we work with students to develop a portfolio of creative community skills in areas as diverse as community arts, community engagement, community development, and youth work. 

  • We’re creative in the sense of being entrepreneurial, and thinking outside the box -  about how to work in community settings in a context which is really difficult and complex.
  • We emphasise the creative arts as a way of engaging and intervening in community settings, especially through drama and music.
  • We continue Goldsmiths’ proud tradition of creative community activism and advocacy, working to think and rethink the challenging environment we’re part of in South East London, and beyond. 

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"I really enjoy the creative teaching, discussions and innovative assignments."

I really enjoy the creative teaching, discussions and innovative assignments. My course is structured around the students and we are given room to express and discuss topics in depth and with intricate detail; enabling a better understanding and maximum student involvement and participation. 

My advice to any prospective students: if you are going to study, come to a university that is renowned for a teaching style which is fun, creative, interactive and student friendly. Particularly concerning youth work, this BA will equip you with core theoretical knowledge while also giving you the opportunity to obtain extensive practical experience to ensure that when you go into practice as a professional you are not only qualified but prepared and fully trained in your profession.

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