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Whether you're interested in a career in curating, serious about comedy, or fancy exploring subjects ranging from management and marketing through to politics and performance, we have lots of new study opportunities for you to consider.

Find out about our latest undergraduate degrees for 2017 entry. Select a course from the list below for more details.

*New course: subject to validation

BA Curating*

Do you want to advance your knowledge of contemporary curating and pursue a professional career in the field of curatorial practice? Our latest course in BA Curating allows you to explore how curating enables us to stage culture and put knowledge into circulation in multiple ways, and to place its practices in a historical and critical context. 

*New course: subject to validation 

BSc Data Science*

More or less everything that happens in the world today is driven by data, and it takes data scientists to understand this.

The BSc in Data Science will prepare you to become professional, and excel at manipulating and analysing data sets that affect industries including politics, education and healthcare. Data Science at Goldsmiths will be fundamentally creative and interdisciplinary, and you’ll have the opportunity to work on real world problems.


*New course: subject to validation

BA Drama: Comedy*

This innovative programme is for students wishing to pursue a career as a comic writer and/or comedy performer. BA Drama Comedy balances theory and practice, allowing you to select from a range of options to pursue your chosen specialism, including playwriting, stand-up, monologue and experimental performance/live art. 

*New course: subject to validation

BA Drama: Performance, Politics and Society*

This degree explores the practice of theatre and performance in community and educational settings, for social, political and personal change.

BA Drama Performance Politics and Society is in the spirit of Goldsmiths and reflects our identity as a radical, political, cutting-edge, international, interdisciplinary, creative and critical home of the arts and humanities in the heart of London.


*New course: subject to validation

BA History and Journalism*

BA History and Journalism brings together the expertise of two departments in an exciting, innovative degree that will give you the practical skills and academic knowledge to excel in a wide range of careers. 

 *New course: subject to validation

BA International Relations*

If you want to understand how US foreign policy is shaped by domestic politics, how international trade affects various parts of the world, or how different cultures shape political decision making, then BA International Relations is the degree for you. 


*New course: subject to validation

BSc Management with Economics

Approaching the subject from a creative and interdisciplinary approach, the BSc Management with Economics places an emphasis on the wider social, historical and political context in which organisations operate. You’ll also gain a practical and theoretical understanding of management.

BSc Management with Entrepreneurship

Approaching the subject from a creative and interdisciplinary approach, the BSc Management with Entrepreneurship places an emphasis on how organisations are conceived, sustained through opportunity seeking and resource acquisition, grow and stay creative and innovative. 

BSc Management with Marketing

Approaching the subject from a creative and interdisciplinary approach, the BSc Management with Marketing places an emphasis on how organisations communicate with their customers and the strategies and tools they use.

BSc Marketing

Study BSc in Marketing at Goldsmiths for a programme that combines multiple disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, and Management. You will be at the core of a new natural development making this a special programme for anyone who wants to explore interdisciplinary links.


BA Religion

In an increasingly globalised, more religious world, we need to understand religion as one of the most important social forces shaping contemporary society.
BA Religion explores the relationships between religion and other aspects of society as diverse as culture, communication, politics, economy, nation, education, gender, law and ethnicities.


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