An innovative approach to visual studies that spans acoss Art and Visual Cultures, Anthropology, Politics, Sociology, and Media & Communications.

Course overview

Goldsmiths is internationally renowned for its Department of Art and the Department of Visual Cultures

Interest in visual matters and their varying intricacies extend across a variety of sections such Anthropology, Politics, Sociology and Media and Communications at Goldsmiths. Visuality forms a significant of the very essence and aesthetic of Goldsmiths and the work, research and study that happens everyday at this vivacious place.

To find out about Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths, read the Visual Sociology blog.


Our world renowned experts

Student work

Heloise Delegue

"My work explores symbols of the domestic life, patterns, anatomical forms, objects which I then assemble and puzzle together to question human interrelationships and hierarchies within genders.

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Gasket is a photographic collective formed of four Goldsmiths alumni. They have used their experiences on the programme to form a group which has led to various exhibitions, events and workshops around the UK.

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Alumni story

FrancescaMA in Contemporary Art Theory

Photo of Francesca
Studying at Goldsmiths provided me with tools of critical thinking that have proven fundamental in my career
I'm now an independent scholar, currently working on a book on art and creative practices in Kabul, Afghanistan: Studying at Goldsmiths provided me with the tools of critical thinking that in time have proven fundamental throughout my career. I also learnt the importance of dialogical education and the value of interdisciplinary studies.