Alternative accommodation


There are a range of alternative housing options available – whether you decide to make use of them straight away, or in future years of your degree.

Privately rented homes

Renting privately is a good option if you’re keen to maintain your independence, because you can decide where you live, who you share with, and the type of accommodation and lifestyle that suits you best. 

New Cross is a transport hub, and so if you decide to rent here you’ll not only be close to the Goldsmiths campus but also well connected to other parts of the capital. It also means that Goldsmiths is easily accessible from lots of other places – some of the areas favoured by students renting privately include Brockley, Greenwich, Lewisham and Peckham in South-East London. These areas are on the more affordable scale of London housing, and there are a lot of student rental opportunities available (NB most landlords will offer 12-month contracts).

As a Goldsmiths student you’ll have access to the University of London Housing Services’ database of private housing, with lists of flats and rooms available to rent. Find out more on the University of London Housing website.

University-managed housing

If you're daunted by the possibility of finding good quality, private sector housing, don't worry. University of London Student Homes (part of the University of London Housing Services) can help you through this process. It shources houses and flats directly from landlords and then rents them to University of London students. The properties are then managed by University Student Homes, so the university is your property manager.

Not only is this convenient – the houses and flats are selected so that they are close to the campus (with no more than a 30-minute commute) – but it also offers added peace of mind because you won't have to deal directly with a private landlord, and you will share with other Goldsmiths students. 

  • Houses and flats located within east walking distance of the campus
  • Affordable rents
  • Share with other Goldsmiths students
  • Off campus, independent living but with the University as a landlord

Home stay

If you're looking for a more supported, family environment, we work closely with Hosts International and HFSLondon to provide accommodation with local families. Although open to all, this option is particularly popular with our non-UK students and those looking for flexibility and short stay options.

Hosts International also offer a number of self-catering rooms in shared houses, close to Goldsmiths and bookable on a weekly basis. All details are available on the Hosts International website.

Intercollegiate halls

Goldsmiths is part of the University of London and this entitles our students to apply for Intercollegiate Halls. These halls are located in the centre of London and are fully catered. If you're interested in applying for Intercollegiate Halls then please apply for accommodation as an undergraduate or postgraduate student and follow up your application with a request for Intercollegiate Halls via email. We will then contact you if we are able to put your application forward otherwise your application will be put forward for a place in Goldsmiths Halls.

Please note that we only have a small number of rooms in our quota.

Family accommodation

If you're moving to London with your family, we would strongly advise you to travel to London alone first to find suitable accommodation before your family joins you. Unfortunately, we do not have any provision on campus but the ULHS, Hosts International and Intercollegiate Halls all have options. Please contact the Accommodation Office and we can help you.

Supporting your search

We work closely with the University of London Housing Services who give free housing advice to Goldsmiths students on private renting. They offer contract checking, housing fairs, and ‘find a flatmate’ events. 

Goldsmiths Students' Union Housing Group

Goldsmiths SU have an active Housing Facebook Group you can request to join.  There you will find other Goldsmiths students posting spare rooms.  You can also post your own request to find a room.