Around the World in 7 Days

This annual reunion series is back and better than ever: more open, more flexible, more accessible, and more literal – enabling you to meet alumni around the world from 25-31 October.

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Around the World in 7 Days is series of gatherings for and by Goldsmiths alumni. Events can take the form of talks, exhibitions, informal meet-ups, dinner parties or any other type of activity that the alumni volunteer thinks might work well.

From 2021, the series is moving online, allowing all alumni to attend all gatherings no matter where they are.


During seven days each year. In 2021, the dates are 25 October – 31 October.


It’s all in the name. Events take place wherever you are in the world. Now that the series is moving online, you can in theory go to an event in Asia on the same day as an event in Europe or the Americas – all without a boarding pass.


There is nothing quite like a Goldsmiths alumnus. As a community, you are profoundly generous with your time, expertise, energy and resources. Around the World in 7 Days is an opportunity for you to engage in all of the above – and connect with others who know Goldsmiths as you do.


The more the merrier. All former students are invited to attend their nearest Around the World event – and if they want to bring local alumni together, to organise their own event (see below for the basics).

The series is managed by the Alumni Relations team at Goldsmiths and we are your first port of call for queries.

Ways to take part

Any former Goldsmiths student can organise a gathering as part of the series. To find out more sign up to Goldsmiths Connect. Once you have done that, read the Around the World 2021 Volunteer Handbook which will provide everything needed to submit a proposal.

If you want to make sure you get an invite, you can do that by giving us permission to get in touch.