Around the World in 7 Days


Around the World in 7 Days: 33 cities, 42 Alumni Ambassadors, 750+ alumni and 100+ hours of alumni celebrations

Alumni in Shanghai celebrating during Around the World in 7 Days

This May saw our award-winning series, Around the World in 7 Days, return with more than twice the number of cities and participants since it launched in 2015.

With the support from Alumni Ambassadors, we were able to expand the programme to new locations, including Bangkok, Budapest, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Madrid, Moscow, New Delhi, Paris, Sydney and Toronto.
For the first time, alumni based in London were invited to take part in decade-specific events, including a campus tour and lunch at local pub The Royal Albert and a night of rum cocktails, Red Stripe and Caribbean food at Deptford bar Buster Mantis – with music provided by alumna La Leif.

Thank you to everyone who attended! Here are some highlights from this year's events.
For the next series we plan for all of the events to be hosted by alumni volunteers, so if you are based in London or elsewhere and would like to get involved in organising alumni events with Goldsmiths, application for the Alumni Ambassador Programme is now open.


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