If you are based in Italy, get in touch with your ambassador to find out how you can meet other alumni and get involved with the Goldsmiths community near you.

Thinking of applying to Goldsmiths?

More than 400 Goldsmiths alumni currently reside in Italy. If you live there now or are thinking of relocating, you might want to get advice from local alumni, or you may wish to expand your professional network with people who share your experience of having studied at Goldsmiths!

Start networking now by joining the online discussion group for alumni based in Italy. Or if you would like to get more involved with the local Goldsmiths community you can get in touch with your Alumni Ambassador listed below. If there isn’t one located near you, find out more or register your interest in becoming an Alumni Ambassador for Goldsmiths.


Katie Comerford (BA Art Practice, 2010) moved to Italy following Goldsmiths to work on her art practice. Her studio is based in Latina and was remodelled by Katie and renovated from a disused garage. Katie describes her time at Goldsmiths as an important experience for the growth of her art practice – a huge challenge that was inspiring and satisfying.

Email: k.comerford (


Lucio Casellato (MA Screen Documentary, 2011) found work as a video reporter and cameraman while he was at Goldsmiths. Working and studying at the same time proved to be intense, but very rewarding. After graduating and having completed his first documentary thanks to Goldsmiths, finding a full-time job was no problem. Lucio started to work for Dida Media, a video production company, where he gained a lot of real-world experience and valuable skills filming corporate videos and trailers for clients such as the LSE, the British Sociological Association and many others. Lucio is now back in school at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Italy’s national film school. Only eight applicants are accepted into the programme every year, but thanks to his invaluable experience in London and at Goldsmiths Lucio made it and has just started studying to become a DoP.

Email: l.casellato (