If you are based in Spain, get in touch with your ambassador to find out how you can meet other alumni and get involved with the Goldsmiths community near you.

Thinking of applying to Goldsmiths?

More than 250 Goldsmiths alumni currently reside in Spain. If you live there now or are thinking of relocating, you might want to get advice from local alumni, or you may wish to expand your professional network with people who share your experience of having studied at Goldsmiths!

Start networking now by joining the online discussion group for alumni based in Spain. Or if you would like to get more involved with the local Goldsmiths community you can get in touch with your Alumni Ambassador listed below. If there isn’t one located near you, find out more or register your interest in becoming an Alumni Ambassador for Goldsmiths.


Daniella Zlotogoura (MA Design Education, 2015) is a British product and interior designer currently living and working in Alicante, Spain. She trained as a product designer but has worked in various design disciplines including branding, interior design, furniture design and design teaching. More recently Daniella has started her own business working in architecture and interior design within residential and retail sectors. She continues to pursue her passion and interest investigating the relationship between the human and object world within a consumerist society, and also collaborates with designers in social design sectors developing technological solutions to current worldwide problems.

Email: dzlot001 (