If you are based in Taiwan, get in touch with your ambassador to find out how you can meet other alumni and get involved with the Goldsmiths community near you.

Thinking of applying to Goldsmiths?

More than 435 Goldsmiths alumni currently reside in Taiwan. If you live there now or are thinking of relocating, you might want to get advice from local alumni, or you may wish to expand your professional network with people who share your experience of having studied at Goldsmiths!

If you'd like to get involved with Goldsmiths activity in your area, get in touch with your Alumni Ambassador, listed below. If there isn’t one located near you, email alumni (@gold.ac.uk) to let us know how we can help.


Jeanny Chen (MA Brand Development, 2012) is currently a Language Specialist at Booking.com. After graduating from Goldsmiths she took on the role of Programme Officer at AIR Taipei where she developed her bilingual communication and collaboration skills. The product manager role at the largest online bookstore in Taiwan enhanced her skills of project management and developed her keen sense of research skills. She is looking forward to building up a network of Goldsmiths alumni in Taiwan.

Email: i.chen (@alumni.gold.ac.uk)

Ling-Tzu Liao (MA Television Drama, 2003) is a script supervisor for TV dramas in Taiwan. Before that, she worked as a producer in TV commercials, documentaries and films. Her feature film credits include 'The Assassin', 'Silence', 'Flight of the Red Balloon' and 'Three Times'. She also writes scripts for advertisements and short films.

Email: l.liao (@alumni.gold.ac.uk)