Massimiliano Mollona


One of Massimiliano Mollona's main research interests is to look at the role of art institutions and cultural organizations in relation to the bio-politics and political economy of late capitalism.

A group of people meeting in a large hallway in a circle.

In the current context of global dispossession, austerity, inequality, indebtedness, conspicuous consumption, zero-hour work, extreme financialization and privatization of life what kind of institutions should museums, galleries and other cultural institutions be? Where should they look for their public and political constituencies? What kind of practices should they nurture? What forms of sociability, relationality and political imaginaries should they foster? Where shall they draw the boundaries, if any, between their inside and their outside?

The Occupation of Teatro Valle (PDF download)  - Commissioned by the European Cultural Foundation

Opening Speech of Athens Biennale Omonia (PDF download)  - November 2015

Revolution: Urban Struggles, Composite Articulations and New Class Analysis (PDF)

Massimiliano Mollona's CV (PDF download) (updated)

Massimiliano Mollona's staff profile