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Dr Charlotte Joy

Dr Charlotte Joy specialises in the politics of heritage management. She did her PhD at University College London and her postdoctoral research at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge.

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Research interests

Charlotte’s fieldwork in Djenné, Mali and at UNESCO in Paris was published as ‘The Politics of Heritage Management in Mali: from UNESCO to Djenné” (Routledge). The book argues for a critical re-examination of the uses of the material past in the present. It examines the distance between heritage policy and everyday lives, the creation of ‘heritage elites’ and the unintended consequences of heritage logics.

Her on-going research is concerned with the destruction and displacement of cultural heritage and the responses of bodies such as UNESCO, museums and the International Criminal Court. Her new book 'Heritage Justice' explores the link between repatriation claims and the work to protect cultural property undertaken by UNESCO and the International Criminal Court.



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Book Section

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Professional projects

Charlotte has been appointed to the UK’s National Commission for UNESCO in the role of Non-Executive Director with responsibility for leading on heritage and culture for the United Kingdom.

To contact her about UNESCO related enquiries, please use: cjoy@unesco.org.uk

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