Mobile Telephone Telepathy


Many people have noticed they sometimes think of someone who then telephones soon afterwards. Is this just a coincidence, or could it involve telepathy or precognition?

To take part in this experiment you need two contacts, who should be family members or other people you know well. Your contacts need a UK mobile phone with a small amount of credit. We will need to conduct the experiment with you in person but your contacts can be anywhere in the country. All participants need to be over 18.

The experiment involves you guessing which of your contacts is calling at a particular time. Your contacts will be randomly prompted to call you by our automatic system. The entire experiment will take no longer than one hour and you will receive £10 in return for your time acting as 'receiver'. You/your contacts can participate more than once if you wish. We video record test sessions but will not release any of the videotape without your permission.

To arrange a test session, please submit the form below with the details requested. Please email any queries to telephonetelepathy (

Test application form

Please enter the details requested below. This will help us to arrange a suitable time, date and location in which to conduct the experiment. Before sending these details, please ensure you have three contacts who are willing to participate with you. 

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