Murat Adash


Back painted white with long blonde hair in front of white wall

Edges of the Body: Camouflage and the Performative Dimensions of Morphology

This practice-based research project develops camouflage as a novel concept for the study of subjectivity in and through choreographic practice. The concept of camouflage embodies processes through which the self is negotiated in and through space. Both the 'camoufleur' and the choreographer concern themselves with the merging of figure and ground, negotiating between bodies and their immediate settings. The chameleonic term provides a frame for tackling questions of inter-subjectivity and performer-audience agency, as well as the ways we attempt to fit in, identify with and position ourselves in relation to an environment.

In the interplays of self and environment, I aim for camouflage and choreography to intersect and interlace in order to develop responses to a series of research questions that investigate how new forms of co-constitutions of the self and the social unfold against the backdrop of the recent choreographic turn in the artistic imagination and institutional protocols. How can camouflage provide a lens for investigating the spatial and corporeal organisations of the self in relation to an environment and society at large? To this end, this research project will employ empirical research in urban psycho-geography, embodied movement research, studio practice and written work.

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  • Dr. Edgar Schmitz
  • Dr. Bridget Crone