Dominique Baron-Bonarjee


Woman standing in city street by modern high-rise buildings

Space for the Nameless

My research addresses contemporary identity and value, through the body’s relationship to time by positing identity as an evolving system, which evades the fixity of naming. By addressing time in terms of rhythms, cycles and speed, I look to these as instrumental in constructions of self. Beyond the human realm are temporalities of technology, cosmology, the animate and inanimate. The Space of the Nameless is an open system that inhabits the ‘edge’: a place that connects the human identity to vaster time scales. By broadening the scope of reference ‘normative’ becomes obsolete, and the ‘con-temporary’ emphasises the temporary and unfinished where (non) normative / (non) human may co-exist.

My direction is art historically related to the origins of postwar Japanese Butoh, where the body was used as a way to reflect on the changes taking place within traditional society, as well as being a way to resist the imposition of Western culture from America. Its enduring feature is what André Lepecki calls a ‘slower ontology’, relating speed, temporality, identity and the body. 

My methodology zooms out of the socio-political context of post-war Japan, and opens the lens onto contemporary globalism. The temporalities of the artistic process become the locus of experimentation, by focusing on materiality, labour, the use of technology, authorship and the creation of systems of value within this process.

Space for the Nameless is a constellation of ‘embodied research’ practices, shaped through experiential encounters. This focus on intimate perception allows a poetic space to develop that melds fact and fiction. By inviting collaboration and participation I will seek to identify shared experiences of time, which engage with emergent political structures of utopia and the possibility of heterotopia.


Primary Supervisor: Kristen Kreider
Secondary Supervisor: TBC