Jessie McLuaghlin


Jessie McLuaghlin

Queering Curatorial Learning Practice: Enhancing Access for Young and Diverse Audiences within the Art Museum

This practice based project considers the ways in which genuinely radical programming in the art museum might be realised, specifically through working with and listening to young and diverse audiences to transform the art museum into an ‘artistically adventurous and culturally inclusive’ civic space which actively promotes access and diversity of perspective. As the demographic of audiences change - London’s White British population is no longer the city’s most dominant and young people are increasingly identifying as something other than heterosexual and cisgendered (to identify with the gender one is assigned at birth) - how can we work with audience to inform a new vision? Using three interlocking elements - art museum learning programmes and the staff who curate and create them, collection artworks and queer texts by queer theorists - this project explores how cultural institutions remain relevant, radical and sustainable in the 21st century and beyond. 

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research supervisors

Kristen Keider (Goldsmiths)
Michelle Williams Gamaker (Goldsmiths)
Mark Miller (Tate)