Gerard Ortin Castellví


Close shot of industrial machinery where four green leaves have been laid

Moving image, technologies and ecologies of food regimes

In a context of accelerated environmental transformations— and under the effects of a zoonotic pandemic— redefining the modes of production, distribution, and consumption of food has become one of the main challenges for the coming decades. This practice-based thesis critically analyses current technoscientific solutions drawing on three case studies:

  • Production: Automation in greenhouses and imaging technologies in agrilogistics.
  • Distribution: Dark Kitchens, Data Gaze and circulation of food within the platform economy.
  • Consumption: Perception and representation of food, cellular agriculture, and future foods.

Through my artistic and filmmaking practice, I examine the role of image production in the food sector, generating a counter-imaginary that reveals the opaque infrastructures and systemic mechanisms that constitute it. This practice-based PhD investigates the emergence of new corporate food regimes and their entanglements with visual and scopic regimes.


Dr. Ros Gray
Dr. Wood Roberdeau