Hannah Regel


Imagine Having to Bury Yourself Over and Over, Lecture at Nottingham Contemporary

Making Possible: On Writing Sculptural Absence

Through this practice-based doctorate, I hope to describe and demonstrate the ways in which performative writing can be thought of as an aid to sculptural practices, particularly those concerned with the absent, perishable or provisional matter. Performative writing, as it operates in creative, critical writing, is writing in the address of an object or event that through a process of description also somehow enacts it. This project seeks to examine the structural (and often uninvited) circumstances by which an object may become indebted to language, and the ways in which language can re-frame the sculptural through questions of property, consent and permission.

In its attempts to re-animate lost matter this project will manifest as essay, fiction, poetry, para fiction and rumour.


Gilda Williams
Janice Kerbel