Sophie Sleigh-Johnson


White woman sitting in front passenger seat of car with red light on her face.

Radio Bifrons: Broadcasting From the Crypt

This project will ask what the new potential is of the radio as a crypt, by formulating the crypt as a generative transmitter site. It will address this by newly formulating inscripted performance objects as demon relics, and outlining how, via the method and form of the crypt’s threshold, these relics are transmitted through the activating rift of the embodied scream. At stake in this scream is the rupture of the present, as a form of archaeoacoustic from the crypt, who’s thresholds allow this passage of transmission. Also at stake in the scream is the primacy of an embodied singular voice rather than a disembodied acoustic object, which is also preformed in the space of my practice. This embodiment ruptures the traditional form of disembodied radio voice, by insisting on the very materiality of the inscription and the bodily scream, as exemplified by Antonin Artaud’s scream on the stairs during the recording of his (un-transmitted) radio show To Have Done With the Judgement Of God.


Primary: Professor Michael Newman
Secondary: Professor Kristen Kreider