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Lindsay Seers has made hundreds of images using her own body as a camera, where her mouth cavity is the camera body and her lips the shutter and the aperture. Her life of being a camera has forced Lindsay into different characters including a vampire, a ventriloquist and an alien. However, her obsessive and peculiar picture-taking cannot satisfy her desire to represent experience, and we now find her turned into a projector. The movement of seemingly throwing images out of the body rather than swallowing them has become a more effective means of expression.

Linday's work takes the form of performances, which narrate the histories of her strange transformations. These acts draw inspiration from television and film biographies, which attempt to explain an artist's work as evolving from their biography. Her recent performances have featured Lindsay delivering live narration whilst projecting images from her head. Her work embodies technology and treats media as a means of creating memories, rather than recording them. Not knowing where the self exists, she takes the audience on a Brechtian-inspired journey, the subtext of which is to present an image of how lens-based media effects and interprets a lived life.

Academic qualifications

  • 1999-2001, M.A. Fine Art Goldsmiths College.
  • 1991-1995, The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London B.A. Hons in Fine Art (sculpture and media)


Lindsay has served as a visiting lecturer for the MA Fine Art programme at Goldsmiths for ten years. She previously lectured at Slade School of Fine Art, De Montfort University, and Nottingham Trent. 

In the past fifteen years, she has been a visiting lecturer at the Royal Academy Schools, Birmingham UCE, Brighton University, Kingston University, Goldsmiths University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Derby University, Ruskin School, The Consortium, and Piet Zwart Institute.

Professional projects

Lindsay received the Rome Wingate Scholarship from The British School at Rome 2007/8.

Her recent solo exhibitions include Smart Project Space (Amsterdam, 2007), The Collection (Lincoln, 2006), City Gallery (Leicester, 2006), Grundy Gallery (Blackpool, 2006) Gasworks (London, 2005), Market Gallery (Glasgow, 2005), Gallery of Photography (Dublin, 2005). Recent group shows have been at The Auditorium (Rome), White Box (New York), Gimpel Fils (London), UBS Openings (Tate Modern). She has made many performances for galleries such as Aspex Gallery (Portsmouth) Site Gallery (Sheffield), Fact (Liverpool), Corner House (Manchester) Witte de With (Rotterdam), Tou Scene (Stavanger), HKS (Bergen) and Project Theatre (Dublin).




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