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PositionLecturer in Fine Art (Critical Studies)
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Dr Mark Harris

Mark Harris writes on concepts and visual languages of intoxication, in particular on LSD experiences in 1960s and 70s experimental film and poetry. He has also written on histories of artist-run spaces, and on numerous contemporary artists.

One focus of Mark's studio work concerns the representations and documentation of historic utopian communities. In his video work, he is also interested in experimental sound, noise and silence, and on the performance of popular music. A significant part of his practice has focused on reappraising the syntax of gestural abstract painting.

Professional projects

Mark's recent solo and collaborative exhibitions have been shown at the Economist Building in London and the Contemporary Museum (Baltimore), Rothko Chapel, Country Club Gallery and Weston Art Gallery (Cincinnati), and the Trans Hudson Gallery (New York) in the United States.

He has been featured in group exhibitions at Whitechapel Art Gallery, Tate Modern and the Wellcome Collection in London, SOMArts in San Francisco, and the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, among others. 




Sparrow Come Back Home, ICA London
Harris, Mark. 2016. Sparrow Come Back Home, ICA London. In: "Sparrow Come Back Home", ICA, United Kingdom, 6 December 2016 - 5 February 2017.

Morning Star
Harris, Mark. 2010. Morning Star. In: "Morning Star", Country Club Gallery, Cincinnati, United States, 2010-2012.

Exhibition Catalogue

Critical Home Video (Peterborough)
Mabb, David; Buxey, K.R.; Harris, Mark; Ishige, Yasu; Lai, Adrienne; Lewis, Peter Lloyd; Macrae, Sheena; Maier, Johannes; Wyatt, Angus and Kollectiv, Pil and Galia. 2002. Critical Home Video (Peterborough).


Cage's Variations II for 5 Turntables
Harris, Mark. 2016. Cage's Variations II for 5 Turntables. In: "Mini-Micro Cinema 0.5 Begin Anywhere", The Carnegie, Covington, Kentucky, United States, 31 March 2016.

Conference or Workshop Item

The Imagery of Intoxicating Music
Harris, Mark. 2017. 'The Imagery of Intoxicating Music'. In: Sound-Image Colloquium. University of Greenwich, United Kingdom 10 November-12 November, 2017.

Calypso Soundscapes: intimate acoustics and defiant language in Kamau Brathwaite and Mighty Sparrow
Harris, Mark. 2017. 'Calypso Soundscapes: intimate acoustics and defiant language in Kamau Brathwaite and Mighty Sparrow'. In: Caribbean Insecurities, The British Library. The British Library, United Kingdom 25-26 June, 2017.


Turntable Materialities
Harris, Mark. 2017. Turntable Materialities. Seismograf,

Intoxicating Painting
Harris, Mark. 2016. Intoxicating Painting. Journal of Contemporary Painting, 2(2), pp. 195-218. ISSN 20526695

The Materiality of Water
Harris, Mark. 2015. The Materiality of Water. Aesthetic Investigations, 1(1), pp. 120-128.

Cinema, Studio, Tools
Harris, Mark. 2013. Cinema, Studio, Tools. Proto-Tools 1, pp. 10-17.


Sparrow Come Back Home
Harris, Mark. 2014. Sparrow Come Back Home. Wilmington: Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts. ISBN 0-9785927-6-X

Book Section

Countercultural Intoxication: An Aesthetics of Transformation
Harris, Mark. 2011. Countercultural Intoxication: An Aesthetics of Transformation. In: Adam Lerner and Elissa Auther, eds. West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, 1965–1977. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, pp. 324-343. ISBN 978-0-8166-7726-9

Pipilotti Rist's Music
Harris, Mark. 1999. Pipilotti Rist's Music. In: , ed. Wishing for Synchronicity: Works by Pipilotti Rist. Houston, Texas: Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, pp. 14-23. ISBN 978-1-933619-17-0