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Online Resources

Online resources designed to help you develop the academic skills you need at Goldsmiths. These resources support the face-to-face workshops we provide.

A range of resources can be accessed at:

Learn.Gold (VLE)
Goldsmiths students can enrol to use these resources.

For Goldsmiths students but open to all. These resources are freely available and shared under a Creative Commons License.

Academic Skills Certificate

The Academic Skills Certificate allows you to reflect on what you've learned and to demonstrate the learning you’ve gained by attending the Academic Skills Programme. The Academic Skills Certificate can be included on your HEAR.

To achieve the Certificate you need to:

  1. Enrol on the Learn.Gold (VLE) Academic Skills Certificate course page
  2. Complete the Skills Self-Assessment Questionnaire on the VLE page
  3. Attend any four workshops from the Academic Skills Programme
  4. Submit reflective exercises for each workshop. Full instructions are given on the VLE page

For further information email academicskills (

DnA Matters - download free resources 

DnA Matters (Diversity and Ability Matters) have compiled a huge list of resources, apps, software, reviews and guides, all for free, for students! 

Go to to find free resources, apps and software for computers, tablets and phones.