PAL - Peer Assisted Learning

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Student-led study support.

What is PAL? 
PAL is a student-led initiative that provides a facilitated study session and space where participants can discuss their course, learning and student life in a friendly and informal environment with their peers and trained PAL facilitators.

PAL is a space where participants can feel comfortable to discuss and ask questions, review content, and receive advice and support from fellow students.

Why attend a PAL session?

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) is based on an internationally recognised and accredited scheme.

Research into PAL has demonstrated that if students attend regularly, their assessment grades and sense of belonging can improve significantly.  It has also been shown a one hour PAL session can be equivalent to up to three hours of solo study.

If you are a busy student, PAL should help you make the most of your study time. It is also a really good way to build connections and make friends with other students on your course.

Who are the PAL Facilitators?

PAL Facilitators are continuing students.
PAL Facilitators have been trained to facilitate PAL sessions. Facilitators encourage PAL session participants to improve their understanding of course material by reviewing, discussing and questioning in an interactive group setting. They are a great resource as they have recently been at the same stage of their studies as you.

PAL Facilitators are not Lecturers or Teachers and do not take the place of them.