Become a PAL Facilitator

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Become a PAL Facilitator and help new Undergraduate students adjust to University life.

Applications to become a PAL Facilitator for 2019/20 are now closed.

Can I be a PAL Facilitator?

The PAL scheme at Goldsmiths will be running for the following departments in 2019/20:
Anthropology - current 1st-year students can apply
Sociology - current 1st-year students can apply
Psychology - current 1st-year students can apply 
Media, Communications and Cultural Studies - current 1st-year students can apply 
IMS - current 1st-year students can apply 
Visual Cultures - current 1st-year students can apply 
Art - current Art Extension and 1st-year students can apply 
Computing - current 1st-year students can apply and current Foundation/year 0 students who are continuing into 1st year can also apply.
Open Book - refer to the email from your department.

Please read all of the information below. The link to apply is at the bottom of this information.          

What is PAL?

PAL stands for Peer Assisted Learning.

What does a PAL Facilitator do?

PAL leaders facilitate weekly one-hour study sessions for students starting their undergraduate study at Goldsmiths. These sessions are programme specific and timetabled. You will be responsible for planning, facilitating and running sessions. PALs are not lecturers/teachers and leaders are given training on how to facilitate not teach.

What are the benefits of being a PAL Facilitator?

  • Your PAL activity will be recorded on your HEAR
  • You will receive a bursary on successful completion of the role
  • You will get training and professional development
  • You will share your own experience and provide a supportive environment for new students
  • You will have a deeper understanding of the content of your degree
  • It looks good on your CV

As a PAL Facilitator you will be expected to:

  • Be achieving passing grades in your own studies
  • Attend 2 days of training in September
  • Facilitate approx. 20 hours of face-to-face sessions
  • Be regularly involved in PAL promotion
  • Engage with planning and debriefing of sessions
  • Read and respond to emails and other communications from the PAL team and your Academic Champion