Auditory Cultures Reader video material


Here you'll find supporting video footage connected to chapters within The Auditory Cultures Reader

This sequence of films are all connected to Trevor Pinch’s contribution (Chapter 35) The Sound of Economic Exchange 

Film 1.   The sounds of the Opening Bell at the New York Stock Exchange. 

Film 2.   Pitching Dolls. 

The video is of a man selling toys from a raised platform  on Harringay Market, London. The video was shot by Trevor Pinch and Colin Clark just before Christmas 1986. The video is interesting because the pitcher, after describing the twin dolls he is selling, bats downs the price to “Fifteen pounds”. He then “twirls the edge” (brings more and more people into the sale)  to make additional sales. As he makes more and more sales the sound builds up to a crescendo clearly audible in the video, as the pitch crew shout out short phrases such as,   “And Again” and “The Pair”.

Film 3. Pitching Pens.

Pitcher filmed on Leeds Market in 1986 by Colin Clark and Trevor Pinch. The pitcher is selling sets of pens and he asks the audience to raise a hand if they are interested in the pens. This technique is known as “Getting the Forks UP”. The final price is not shown on the video but was “ONE POUND for the whole jolly lot!”

Film 4. Comedian on Venice Beach.

This comedian was filmed on Venice Beach by Trevor Pinch in 1986. The comedian  uses an air horn to attract a crowd and he grows the crowd by asking them “to shout and applaud as loud as you can”. At one point the comedian asks the cameraman (Trevor Pinch)  who he is and Trevor jokes that he is  BBC” and has “come all the way over from London to film him!”



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