Digital Grid Partnership

This programme will provide skills solutions for London based small businesses in the creative and tech community.

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About the programme

The Digital Grid Partnership is funding collaborative activities between start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and higher-level digital skills providers. The collaboration will help co-design the digital skills qualification of the future and effectively shape the staff force with high-level digital skills and industry-specific experience.

  • We consult with creative businesses to identify the qualification your industry requires
  • We support SMEs develop work placements with relevant industry related experience – Heavily subsidised 6 weeks paid student placement
  • We help shape skills development in the area of VR, AR, mixed reality and immersive technologies skills while enabling graduates to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills needed by the industry
  • We provide an opportunity to network and build relationships with peers
  • We improve partnerships between skills training organisations and small businesses
  • We design qualifications that will help students gain industry-relevant experience and the skills that companies need

Breakdown of the programme

We will be registering companies to take part in each stage. You will be fully briefed and supported through the process by academics with years of industry experience.

Stage 1: Reviewing current needs in the sector

Working with SMEs to help identify and design a programme to meet their needs in higher-level digital skills training.

Register now for stage 1 via our email digitalgrid (

Stage 1 will be taking place on Friday 13 December 2019.

Stage 2: Co-design workshop

SMEs co-designing or improving higher-level digital skills training programme.

Stage 3: Capacity building workshop

SMEs supported through capacity building to provide placement opportunities.

Stage 4: Placements

SMEs taking on interns for 6 weeks.

If you are interested in digital training to support your business please contact: digitalgrid ( To learn more go to the Digital Grid Partnership website.