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We are able to compliment the strengths within your organisation and help you achieve strategic goals building on your existing successes.

Where you may have skills and knowledge gaps, we can draw upon our community experts to match the needs of your project.

There is currently ERDF funding to support SMEs who are planning for growth which support a range of activities including market evaluation, product and services development projects.


We provide expert advice based on our existing knowledge and experience. This is derived from rigorous research activities which are able to solve specific problems or make specific recommendations. Consultancy projects can be of any length, but normally be relatively short-term with well-defined deliverables.

Examples of consultancy might include evaluation and analysis of a policy or investment, advice to an organisation on its research or products, market research, acting as an expert witness, feasibility studies, advisory group membership, interpretation of results, routine software development, routine data collection, and more.

Commissioned research

Our academic consultants can carry out commissioned research to create new knowledge/intellectual property based on your organisation’s specific aims.

As part of our service we can support the development of a research brief to meet those aims; you will work together to devise a methodology and research questions.

For large complex projects we can build a research teams around a project bringing where required research assistants, graduates and current students to ensure your project is delivered on time whilst delivering maximum value for money. 

Work with us strategically

Goldsmiths have a successful track record in developing mutually beneficial relationships with external partners based on shared values and goals. These collaborations develop where there is the potential for a long-term positive outcome that neither party could achieve on their own.

There is a growing range of Government schemes where funding can be found to support collaborative projects involving universities and their partners.

Collaborative relationships can begin with small projects to test out ideas and develop into much more strategic projects. Where possible we use available funded schemes such as the Santander Internship, DEK and KTP schemes to find funding to support pilot projects to generate some evidence for large funding bids.

We provided a space to connect networks, where people from big companies, start-ups, schools, non-profits, government, and anyone else who see the benefits in joining our programmes can gain access to our multidisciplinary teaching, prototyping, and research in a practical way that compliments their business.

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