GoldReach Summer Insight Week

GoldReach Summer Insight Week will take place between 5-8 July

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The Careers Service will be delivering a programme of activities to showcase industry and employability opportunities to GoldReach students.

Due to the ongoing uncertainty of the current pandemic, the week will be delivered remotely, providing students with the opportunity to develop their remote working skills in an employability context.

About Summer Insight Week

This year’s Insight Week is focussed on the Investment Industry. We are working with an initiative called Investment2020 to connect a wider range of people to the opportunities available in the investment industry.

You don’t have to be studying a STEM or numerate based degree, but you do need to come with an open mind. If you are curious about investment management and how the sector is responding to some of the greatest challenges of our time, then this is an opportunity not to be missed.

During Insight Week, students will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills that will positively impact on their employability and help them to consider pathways. These skills include:

  • Digital collaboration
  • Group project work
  • Understanding of the Investment sector and the opportunities within it
  • Communication
  • Research

Themes and topics

Climate change, investment, careers, diversity and inclusion

What you will do

The main focus of the event will be a group work project set by our partners. Students will be split up into groups to decide on the best approach to the question, brainstorm ideas and come up with the best response to the challenge. On the last day of the challenge (Thursday), you will present your response to employers and members of the Investment 2020 initiative.

In order to help you to work on the brief, you will receive an introduction to the Investment sector and learn about the challenges they face in responding to our rapidly changing world.

The main part of the programme will take place over three days, so you must be able to commit to 3.5 days of the programme. You will not be expected to be online all day, but you must attend all timetabled sessions and commit to contributing to and delivering the final group work presentation.

This is a limited resource, with a small number of places available, you must be available 5-8 July.

What to expect from the Insight Week

  • Work on a mini project set by Investment 2020
  • Opportunity to work collaboratively to create and deliver a presentation to industry experts
  • Opportunity to gain sector awareness (brilliant employability skill!)
  • Learn about investment management through the prism of global challenges
  • Meet new people and make new connections

If you have any questions, please contact: Sophia Martin.

Fill in this form to apply for GoldReach Summer Insight Week.