COVID-19 and the employment market

The economic disruption arising from the necessary public health restrictions make it difficult to predict exactly what will happen in the immediate and long term future of the UK job market.

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Be that as it may, looking at the data can provide us with some context for how things are the moment.

Graduate jobs and internships

The Institute of Student Employers conducted a survey of its members which revealed that whilst the majority don’t expect to make any changes to their graduate recruitment practices, just under a third expect the level of recruitment for their graduate roles to decrease.

Just over a third said their internship programmes will be negatively impacted, some employers have forgone these in favour of keeping their graduate recruitment on track.

A significant number of members surveyed simply had not yet decided what they will do, in the case of graduate roles or internships, so the picture is frequently and quickly changing as the situation unfolds.

Prospects Luminate publish a weekly update on the UK graduate labour marktet.


Health and Social Care, Teaching and Education, IT, Technology and Telecoms are sectors that are experiencing high levels of recruitment. You can explore these sectors on the Prospects Some roles may require high-level technical skills.

Other roles may be less reliant on technical skills, but require an understanding of the technology that underpins many business processes. Do you want to grow your technology skills? This article on provides links to a range of free courses that will help you.

Creative Industries

There is some data emerging about the impact of COVID-19 on the Creative industry.

As an industry which relies heavily on freelance professionals and small businesses things have stalled; but to what extent this will impact future recruitment is unclear. Digital creatives seem to be faring better with website/software development and social media skills in demand.