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Volunteering is a great way to enhance your time at university, gain new skills, ‌and get involved in the community

You can gain many new skills through volunteering which may include:

  • Teamworking, teaching or mentoring
  • Communicating with diverse groups of people
  • Leadership, organisation and project management
  • Knowledge and understanding of local community or global issues

Finding Opportunities

Search for current volunteering opportunities on CareerSPACE

Volunteering drop-in - get help and advice

Come and talk to us about finding volunteering opportunities at a volunteering drop-in.

Mon-Fri 11am-1pm, in the SPACE RHB180/181.

Or email us volunteering (


CEN8 is a non-profit organisation, based at Goldsmiths, that delivers arts, performance arts and multi-media projects to children and young people from 7-18 years.

CEN8 welcomes volunteers, and offers a wide range of projects to get involved in - everything from interacting and helping to facilitate sessions with children and teens, to media and marketing behind the scenes.

Contact them at


Other volunteering opportunities

  • Do-It is an internet database of volunteering opportunities and covers the whole UK
  • National volunteer centres - find your local centre
  • Voluntary Action Lewisham has helpful information and a directory of organisations
  • Reach helps skilled volunteers use their experience to contribute to the voluntary sector, allowing them to take on new challenges and make a difference to their community
  • V Inspired can advise you on finding volunteering opportunities if you are aged 16 - 25
  • Task Squad from V Inspired uses your volunteering record to get you paid work that fits around your current commitments It’s flexible, fun, paid and provides a boost to your CV
  • Charity Job is a fantastic portal to find charity, NGO and not-for-profit roles
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