Multi-Faith Chaplaincy FAQs


What does a Chaplain do?

The Chaplain’s role fits into three main categories:

1) Offering confidential pastoral care to everyone, regardless of religious belief or tradition
2) Helping and encouraging everyone to find possibilities and space for reflection
3) Supporting the religious societies and other religious groups in the College

Who can use the Multi-Faith Prayer Room?

The Prayer Room is provided for everybody – regardless of religion or belief. As a shared space it is important to be sensitive to others using the room, and also important not to take offence at other people’s practices or behaviour.

What if someone else is using the Prayer Room when I want to go in?

If the Prayer Room appears to be in use at a time when you want to go in, please don’t be put off, but go in quietly and find space for yourself. If the Prayer Room has not been booked for a specific group (see the noticeboard as you go in) then you may ask other users to be quiet while you use the space. This is normal and expected and no-one will be offended if you ask for some quiet.

What if I’m not religious?

All the facilities and resources at Goldsmiths which are provided for religious and spiritual activities are here for everyone, regardless of religion or belief. All that is expected is that you respect the beliefs and sensibilities of others, and that you are careful both not to give offence and also not to take offence.

Where is the Chaplaincy Centre?

The Chaplaincy Centre is located in 31 Laurie Grove.

What events does the Chaplaincy have?

Events and activities are usually listed on the chaplaincy web pages and also displayed on the noticeboards outside the Multi-Faith Prayer Room.