Multi-Faith Spaces


There is a Multi-Faith Prayer Room is situated in the Richard Hoggart Building in Room 2.106 on the first floor, next to the Chesterman Room. It is designed to be a welcoming and accessible space for people of all faiths and traditions, but because of the range of religious and cultural traditions involved this inevitably requires all users to accept some infringement of their religious sensibilities.

Please read these guidelines, and take care to be aware of the religious sensibilities of others, which may be very different to your own.


  • The Multi-faith Prayer Room is divided by a curtain to enable men and women to pray separately, for Muslims and others where this is part of their tradition. When the room has not been booked in advance by any group the ‘male users’ side may also be used by mixed gender groups of other traditions. Please maintain the ‘female users’ side as a women only space.
  • The Prayer Room may be booked for communal prayers or worship by any group. Small groups may book the ‘male users’ side. Larger groups may book the whole space which may be used by drawing back the dividing curtain.
  • All requests for booking should be made at least seven days in advance to the Chaplaincy – tel: 020 7717 2953, e-mail: chaplaincy (
  • All bookings will be listed and displayed outside the Multi-faith room
  • In general (when no booking has been made), the room is available for private prayers and devotions – please keep silence and maintain an atmosphere of respect
  • Other facilities at Goldsmiths include the Quiet Space in the Chaplaincy Centre

Guidelines for use

  • On entering the lobby area, please remove your shoes and leave them in the racks inside the entrance doors
  • Please do not fix anything to the walls. Notices, posters etc. may be pinned to the noticeboards in the lobby areas
  • At times when the Prayer Room has been booked for communal worship or religious activities, folding chairs and tables are available in the cupboards, and other artefacts may be brought in as needed.
  • Please leave the Prayer Room as you found it, return any furniture etc to its original location, and make sure that the room is clean and tidy when you leave
  • Please do not bring alcohol into the Prayer Room at any time
  • Please do not light candles or burn incense in the room at any time
  • Please do not consume food or drink (other than water) in the Prayer Room
  • Please take care to keep the Prayer Room clean and tidy at all times.
  • Any suggestions, complaints, or conflicts of use should be referred to the Chaplaincy: Tel: 020 7717 2953 e-mail: chaplaincy (

Salaam – Shalom – Peace