CSISP Events 2005-2006


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Seminar series

Art: Conflict: Justice

Participants :Eyal Weizman (Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths) Jacqueline Damon and Cyril Musila (INICA) | James Marriott (CSISP and Platform) | Nicole Wolf (Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths) | Andrew Barry and Gisa Weszkalnys (CSISP, Goldsmiths) | Lucy Kimbell (Said Business School, Oxford) | Rita Duffy (artist, Belfast)

Organised with the Unit for Global Justice


Participants: Nancy Fraser (New School for Social Research, New York University | Cathy Irwin (Research Fellow, Tavistock Clinic) | Sasha Roseneil (Sociology and Gender Studies, Leeds) | Vikki Bell (Sociology, Goldsmiths) | Nirmal Puwar (Sociology, Goldsmiths) | Susie Orbach (Visiting Professor, LSE) | Sara Ahmed (Media and Communications, Goldsmiths) | Vic Seidler (Sociology, Goldsmiths) | Valerie Walkerdine (Psychology, Cardiff)

This interdisciplinary event brought together people interested in the connections between 'psyche' and 'social' within a broadly defined psychosocial field.

Gabriel Tarde: Economy, Psychology and Invention

Thursday 1 December
1.00 - 6.00pm | Room 104 | Senate House

Presenters: Nigel Thrift (Geography, Oxford) | Vincent Lepinay (International Centre for Advanced Studies, New York University) | Lisa Blackman (Media and Communications, Goldsmiths) | Eric Alliez (Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Middlesex) | Andrew Barry (CSISP, Goldsmiths) | Chris McLean (Manchester Business School) | Alberto Toscano (Sociology, Goldsmiths)

Organised with the Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths and Oxford University with the support of Economy and Society

Eric Alliez | alliez (pdf 177kb)
Andrew Barry | barry (pdf 172kb)
Lisa Blackman | blackman (pdf 279kb)
Vincent Lepinay | lepinay (pdf 272kb)
Chris McLean | maclean (pdf 292kb)
Nigel Thrift | thrift (pdf 524kb)

Talking Open Source: A Workshop

Friday 5 May
Ben Pimlott Lecture Theatre

Organised with Brian Alleyne (Sociology, Goldsmiths)

Presenters: David Berry (Sussex) | Andrea Rota (LSE) | Robert Zimmer (Goldsmiths) | Chris Brauer (Goldsmiths) | Brian Alleyne (Goldsmiths) | Liat Oren (LSE) | Matti Kohonen (LSE)

This workshop brought together people working on various aspects of open source from different disciplinary perspectives.

Bringing the Crowd Back In: Revitalising an old semantics

Friday 2 December
1.00 - 2.30pm | Room 1204 | Warmington Tower

With Christian Borch, Visiting Fellow, CSISP | Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen

Christian's current research focuses on the sociology of crowds. This project consists of two parts: first, a semantic history of thenotion of crowds from its significant position in late 19th centrey social theory (Le Bon, Tarde, etc.) to its present marginal status; second, an attempt to reformulate the notion of crowds for contemporary purposes. His other interests include Luhmannian systems theory, Michel Foucault, Gabriel Tarde, urban theory and theoretical criminology.

Download borch_crowds_economic (PDF 180kb)

Materialising New Media

Wednesday 3 May
4.30 – 6.00pm | Room 1204 Warmington Tower

With Anna Munster | University of New South Wales

Anna Munster is a senior lecturer in the School of Art History and Theory, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Australia. She has recently published Materializing New Media: Embodiment in Information Aesthetics (University Press of New England). She is a contributor to journals such as Culture Machine and CTheory and was the recipient of a large Australian Research Council Discovery Grant.

As new media began to coalesce as a significant field of cultural activity and thinking through the mid-1990s, much of the visual culture and theorising of information technologies emphasised a disembodied relation to these media. In this paper, I will argue, drawing on my new book Materializing New Media, for the importance of a materialist approach to new media and of the aesthetic contribution made by new media arts and culture to materializing our relationships to information culture. Rather than seek a counter to the privileging of consciousness and abstraction in cyberspace in "the body", I argue for digital embodiment as an unfolding relation to everyday engagements with new media.

Book Launch: Alain Badiou, Being and Event

Thursday 27 April
2.00 - 6.00pm | Room 143 | Main Building
Reception to follow

With Oliver Feltham, Justin Clemens and Alberto Toscano

To celebrate Continuum Books' recent publication of Alain Badiou's 1988 magnum opus L'Etre et l'evenement, CSISP hosted a roundtable discussion between the book's translator, Oliver Feltham, and two scholars of Badiou's work. Some of the book's principal themes were introduced: being as multiplicity, the idea of the generic, the namimg of the event, and the difference between presentation and representation.

Inventing Intimacy in Research

Friday 17 February
10.00am - 6.00pm | Small Hall/Cinema | Main Building

Organised by Mariam Fraser | CSISP and Nirmal Puwar | Sociology, Goldsmiths

Speakers: Mariam Fraser (CSISP, Goldsmiths) | Nirmal Puwar (Sociology, Goldsmiths) | Marsha Rosengarten (CSISP, Goldsmiths) | Simon Cohn (Anthropology, Goldsmiths) | Carolyn Steedman | Alia Syed | Julia O'Connell | Ania Dabrowska | Bronwyn Parry

Working with different materials and in different domains, this conference explored the relation between intimacy and research. How does the specificity of a research subject, or a particular methodology, create intimate relations? What kinds of intimacies are produced in our exchanges with the past through archival research? What are the possibilities of transcultural memory work with film? What ethical issues are raised by intimate ethnographic research? How intimate are scientific objects? Is it possible to think through intimacy without either privileging or excluding the subjectivity of the researcher?