CSISP Salon 2014-15


Organisers: Sveta Milyaeva, Noortje Marres, Vera Ehrenstein, David Moats

The CSISP Salon is an on-going event where CSISP members and others meet to debate issues in the field of the social studies of science and technology and beyond. This year we explore the broad theme of performance in relation to methods and problems. In line with this theme, the CSISP Salon aims to accompany texts with contextual materials in the form of films, news articles, field visits etc.

Salon 1: On not retiring from STS 
              Wednesay 12 November, 4 to 5:30, in WT1204

Salon 2: Performing Exercises   
              (organised with Nils Ellebrecht and Zuzana Hrdlickova)
              Tuesday 18 November, from 3:00 to 4.30, in RHB 256

Salon 3: What about the resource implication? on natural resources and material politics
              (organised with Irina Papazu)
              Wednesday 3 December, from 3:00 to 5.30, in WT1204

Salon 4: Digital methods out of the box: experiment or fieldtrip
             (organised with Ana-Maria Teohari and Jessamy Perriam)
             Wednesday 4 February, time and location tbc

Salon 5: Performance: with, against or beyond the market?
              Wednesday 4 March, 3:00 to 4.30, WT1204

Salon 6: What is/does a problem, an issue, a puzzle?
               Wednesday 13 May, 4:00 to 6:00, WT1204

If you would like to attend, please send an email to Sveta Milyaeva or Noortje Marres