The 'Numbers' reading group started again last autumn term, with two sessions
planned between then and the winter vacation. The first session was at 
5:30-7pm on Thursday, 3rd November in WT1204, and focused on two texts
that re-examined Garbriel Tarde's work, in particular his theories of
quantification and contagiontology. The second session was at 5:30-7pm on
Thursday, 8th December in WT1204, and examined recent debates on
metrics and metrification within two different spaces, academia and social
media platforms.
The focus was on metrics and rankings and we explored their use in different spaces and in relation to concepts of ordinal numbers.

Full details of the readings are on the announcement. All postgraduate and
PhD students and staff were welcome to join us.

If you have any questions about this reading group, please get in touch with Liam or

Carolin best wishes

Liam & Carolin