Nerea Calvillo


PhD Associate researcher

tel: +44 (0) 7450145046


My research is focused on the agencies of the microscopic components of the air, in order to understand their physical, social and political relationships with the urban environment. I am identifying the agents that are involved in its production, description, management, circulation, trade or regulation, focusing on the infrastructures that permit the communication between the air, institutions and citizens as the places in which the air is debated and participated. I am also interested in the capacity of visualizations to act as interactive devices between this more than-humans and society, testing their performativity in the production of political action.

Part of this research has been exhibited in in Medialab-Prado, (Spain, 2008-2009), Kitchen Budapest (Hungary, 2009), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Santiago de Chile (Chile, 2010) or the Canadian Centre of Architecture (Canada, 2011-2012). 

Research interests.

As an architect, Design Studio professor at the Universidad de Alicante and curator my research interests are centred on the relation between the urban environment, humans and more-than-humans, architecture, STS, sensing, media studies, feminist theories and non representational cartographies, with the air, digital façades and tender infrastructures as main case studies.

Recent publications.

”Test-bed urbanism”. Public Culture, Duke University Press. (forthcoming, with Halpern, Le Cavalier, Pietsch)

“The Affective Mesh: Air Components 3D Visualizations as a Research and Communication tool” Parsons Journal for Information Mapping, Volume 4, Issue 2. New York. 2012

 “Media Structures, Prototypes and Collective Prosthesis” Urban Media Cultures. Avedition GmbH. Ludwigsburg. 2012

“Coloured data clouds”. Open. Nai Publishers. Amsterdam. 2010