CSISP is a unique research centre that is fundamentally concerned with the exploration of 'invention' broadly understood. This includes:

  • the conceptual and practical role of 'invention' and such cognate terms as 'innovation', 'creativity', 'novelty', 'process', 'expectation', 'opportunity', 'imagination'

  • the investigation of 'invention' in contemporary social and material dynamics (for instance, the production of everyday life through technological innovation; the complex mediation of environmental politics through art and design; the relational ethics informing HIV/AIDS prophylaxis

  • forms of collaboration and mutual intervention across disciplines (e.g. design and social science, biomedicine and process philosophy, arts and environmental science) through methodological and textual/graphical invention.

To this end, CSISP has initiated and hosted a number of research programmes and initiatives:

CSISP is housed on the 12th floor of Warmington tower.

Visitors and Links

The Centre has formal and informal links with many institutions and individual colleagues, and is actively building a network of researchers and practitioners interested in the broad themes under its remit. CSISP has attracted numerous visiting scholars, and continues to invite colleagues - from senior academics through to research postgraduates - interested in working in a hugely lively and innovative research environment.

Mariam Fraser and Andrea Phillips talking to Mike Smith during the seminar 'Mike Smith, Mike Smith Studio', May 2005.

Michel Callon and David Stark during the workshop 'Inside/Outside Markets' held at the École des Mines, Paris, June 2004.

Publications and Interventions

Members of the Centre have been prolific in their publication output, and several works have comprised major contributions to various fields (e.g. social theory, sociology, science and technology studies). Increasingly, CSISP members are making interventions through other media such as contributions to exhibitions.

'Inventive Life' edited by CSISP members Mariam Fraser, Sarah Kember and Celia Lury.