Complementary Schools


About the project

This ESRC-funded seminar series was set up by Peter Martin of University of East London and later directed by Charmian Kenner of Goldsmiths, with Jim Anderson (Goldsmiths) and Louise Archer (King’s). Four seminars were held, including one at University of Birmingham co-organised with Angela Creese, and a final conference.

The seminar series brought together research from recent and ongoing projects on complementary schools in the UK and internationally. The objectives were: to exchange and share knowledge and research evidence on complementary schools in the UK; to facilitate cross-disciplinary and international dialogue with regard to research on complementary schools; and to critically assess public policies with reference to research evidence.

Seminar themes were: Multiculturalism and Multilingualism; Every Child Matters and Parenting; Professional Development -Teachers and Curriculum; and Social Inclusion and Links with Mainstream Education.



Conference presentations

  • European perspectives on language issues  
  • Multilingual initiatives in Utrecht  
  • Multilingualism in complementary schools  
  • Trilingual literacy camp in Ireland  
  • Albanian complementary schools in Greece  
  • Mosque complementary schools in Spain
  • Becoming literate in faith settings  
 Project Director: Dr Charmian Kenner