Clearing Excellence Scholarships


Goldsmiths is offering Clearing Excellence Scholarships for 2019 entry. 

The scholarships are worth £500 and are available to all Clearing students who achieve BBB or above at A-level (or equivalent).

Eligibility and award regulations

Award regulations

  1. A ‘Clearing Excellence Scholarship’ will be available for students enrolling, through Clearing, for the 2019/2020 academic year.
  2. The scholarship is open to prospective UK domiciled undergraduate applicants who attain the necessary academic grades, select Goldsmiths as their Clearing choice through UCAS, and enrol on their degree in September 2019.
  3. The scholarship amount of £500 is a one-off payment to qualifying students who continue to be enrolled on 1 December 2019.
  4. The criterion for awarding the scholarship is the attainment of 3 A-levels at grade B or above, BTEC at DDM, or the equivalent in other recognised qualifications as determined by the Goldsmiths Admissions Team.

To find out more about our terms and conditions for scholarships, please contact the Scholarships Co-ordinator by email ( 

Terms and conditions

View the full terms and conditions for scholarship/bursary provisions (PDF).

Please see additional terms and condition information below. Definitions can be found in the terms and conditions (PDF).

1. Application, eligibility and decisions

1.1. Eligibility criteria for Awards are stated on the relevant funding webpages and may be amended from time to time. You must meet these criteria in order to be considered for the scholarship; decisions over final eligibility will be at the discretion of the Goldsmiths Admissions Team.

1.2. You must apply through Clearing by 20 September 2019 (the UCAS deadline for 2019 entry applications). This deadline will not be extended due to delays in processing an Offer on a Programme of study.

1.3. Awards are only available to applicants to Goldsmiths Programmes who meet the specific eligibility criteria. Current students are not eligible to apply for an Award for the Programme they are currently studying.

1.4. Awards are made by the Scholarships and Bursaries Panel and all decisions are final. Goldsmiths will not accept any appeals in respect of the decisions made by the Panel.

2. Changes to your application or programme of study made by you

2.1. All Awards, when awarded, are for the next academic year and will not be deferred to later years of entry.

2.2. If you defer your studies after receiving confirmation of an Award then you would no longer be eligible for it.

2.3. If you change your Programme of study prior to or following Enrolment it is not guaranteed that you will still be eligible for the Award as it might be specific to a Programme or department. You should check with the Scholarships Co-ordinator prior to making any changes to your Programme to ensure you can continue to receive the Award.

2.4. If you withdraw from a Programme or decline to study a Programme prior to Enrolment you will not receive the Award.

2.5. If you choose to withdraw part way through a Programme of study, then the Award will be stopped.

2.6. For the purposes of paragraph 2.5, this means whether or not you decide to withdraw or change Programmes, or whether we have to withdraw you for other reasons such as failure to pay tuition fees or insufficient academic progress.

3. Changes to programmes of study made by Goldsmiths 

3.1. If we are unable to run the Programme of study for which you hold an Offer and an appropriate alternative Programme of study can be identified, then you may still receive the Award for study on the new Programme at our discretion.

3.2. Where an appropriate alternative Programme of study cannot be identified or where you do not wish to accept a place on an alternative Programme, the Award may not be payable.

3.3. If you decide to defer your studies because we have withdrawn a Programme we may allow you to carry the Award over. We will let you know in writing if this is the case. 

4. Additional costs

4.1. The Award is only for the amount specified when you receive confirmation of your Award eligibility from us. The Award is only for the amount specified and additional funds will not be provided for any additional Programme costs under this scheme.

4.2. The Award only covers the length of time stated on the webpage at the point you apply for an Award (and will be confirmed in writing to you at a later date).

4.3. The Award does not last the duration of your Programme.

5. Data protection

5.1. We will hold information about you and this may include data that is known as personal data or special category data under the General Data Protection Regulations. We will use the information from your Programme and Award application: a. to process your Award application, to collect feedback and to send you information about us and our events, such as open days; and b. if your application is successful then we will also use the information we hold about you to administer your Award, to check your continuing Enrolment on the programme, to collect feedback and for management activities such as strategic planning, statistical analysis, equal opportunities monitoring and maintaining our IT systems.

5.2. Any special category data will be handled and stored in accordance with relevant data protection principles and legislation.

5.3. You can refer to the student Privacy Notice for more information available at

5.4. In the event that there is a change to the way we use your personal data we will update the Privacy Notice on our webpages. We consider that it has been brought to your attention upon publication on our website. We encourage you to keep up to date by taking the time to review the Privacy Notice occasionally throughout your studies.