Club Pulse gym


Club Pulse is an on-campus, low-cost gym available to students and the public.

For more information about Club Pulse including facilities, class times, opening hours and membership details, visit the Club Pulse website.

Club Pulse Goldsmiths will close on 31 March 2020.

The decision to close

Following considerable reflection the College has decided to end its partnership with Pulse Gyms, with the on-campus fitness facility closing on 31 March 2020.

This decision was not taken lightly. The original contract with Pulse gyms, which ran for ten years, expired in February 2016 and there was never any formal commitment to extend.

Given the limited space on our campus, we have decided to explore how the gym space could better serve our students and the university by being used for teaching and learning.

Research was undertaken with gym members to see whether classes could be held at another location on campus but there was not enough support from members for this to be viable.

We understand that the 12% of students and staff who used the gym regularly will be disappointed. Working with Pulse we looked into providing alternative provision on our estate but no suitable spaces could be found.

As part of our commitment to student and staff wellbeing we are in discussions with local gyms about offering discounted rates for our community and aim to share information about this by 1 April. 

Goldsmiths provides a range of wellbeing support to our students and staff.

The College invests more than half a million pounds in our student wellbeing services each year and we are always looking at how support can be improved, including where further investment would be effective.

Goldsmiths also support students’ wellbeing by the provision of:

  • Tennis courts on the main campus.
  • Loring Hall sports ground which consists of around 20 acres providing football, rugby and cricket.
  • Goldsmiths also pay annual rent/membership for students/staff to use sports facilities and grounds at Deptford Green school.

Further information on student wellbeing support.

The College provides a range of wellbeing support to our staff. This includes staff football, mindfulness sessions and massage as well as walking clubs, choir and other staff groups.

Further information on staff wellbeing support is available on Goldmine (staff account required).

The decision to close the gym is separate from Evolving Goldsmiths.

Alternative facilities

Pure Gym, Meridian, and Gym Club are close to our campus and offer memberships for less than £20 per month.