Collaborative Provision: Information for students

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Goldsmiths’ validation

Goldsmiths has a small portfolio of academic partners and validates programmes in the UK and internationally.

The degree programme you are enrolled on has been designed by your institution but considered and approved by Goldsmiths to be of appropriate and equivalent standard and quality to lead to an award of Goldsmiths.

Goldsmiths validates programmes for a maximum of five years. A re-approval process will be undertaken towards the end of the approval period of any validated programme.


Each validated programme is appointed with Academic Link (AL) from the corresponding department at Goldsmiths. The AL is responsible for moderating assessed work and ensuring that the academic standards of your programme are consistent with awards made at Goldsmiths. The AL role helps Goldsmiths to be confident in the standards and quality of awards that are delivered in partnership with others.

External Examining

Goldsmiths is responsible for appointing an External Examiner to each validated programme.

External Examiner details for each programme should be included in the relevant programme handbook. It is not appropriate for students to make direct contact with External Examiners. If you have any queries about individual assessments, you should refer these through your department or faculty.

Student Engagement

Part of Goldsmiths’ validation approval process includes ensuring that students are able to participate, individually and collectively, in quality assurance and enhancement activities at their institutions. This might include student representation on decision-making committees, as well as ensuring opportunities and mechanisms for you to provide feedback on modules, programmes and you experiences in general. Once you have enrolled, your institution should provide you with information about how to get involved.

Appeals and complaints

If you have a matter of concern relating to your studies, you should raise this in the first instance with your own institution. Details about your institution’s appeals and complaints procedure should be provided to you in your programme handbook, or online.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of an appeal or complaint to your institution, you may escalate this via Goldsmiths’ appeals and complaints procedure. Full details of Goldsmiths’ appeals and complaints procedure, including information about what to do if you are unsatisfied with the outcome.