Dr Theo Papatheodorou

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Position Lecturer
Department Computing
Email t.papatheodorou (@gold.ac.uk)
Dr Theo Papatheodorou

Dr Theo Papatheodorou is a lecturer in computational art and the course leader of the Bsc in Digital Arts Computing course as well as the MA/MFA in Computational Arts.He completed his PhD in face recognition at Imperial College after which he returned to Greece where he started the premiere computational media course at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

He is the founder of randomquark, a creative technology studio developing installations and interactive projections for live performances. His work has been exhibited internationally and his interactive projections have been featured in plays and live shows in some of the biggest theaters in Greece.

Academic qualifications 

  • BA Psychology 1999
  • Msc Computer Science 2001
  • PhD Computer Science 2007


In addition to teaching at Goldsmiths, Theo also works as a lecturer at Ravensbourne. He previously served as an adjunct lecturer at Athens School of Fine Arts.

He has previously taught the courses Computational Media and Interaction Design.

Professional projects

Theo is the founder of random quark, a creative technology company building state of the art, engaging experiences in large-format projections, interactive installations and the web. He worked on designing and developing experiences that combine the real with the virtual and creating bespoke interactive installations that augment experiences and environments.

Recent work

Art Installations

  • Radio Nippon – International Symposium on Electronic Art (Vancouver, Canada 2015)
  • Delete: Only You Can See My History – Athens Digital Art Festival (Athens, Greece 2015)


  • Only You Can See Your History: Practicing Oblivion in the Digital Era . Proceedings of the International Conference on Extended Arts, 2013, Greece
  • Exhibiting Poetry in Public Places Using a Network of Scattered QR Codes . Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Arts and Technology, 2014, Italy

Additional interests

Generative algorithms, computational art, free software movement, education, hacker movement


Art Object

The Long Run
Theodoros, Papatheodorou; Jessica, Wolpert and Tom, Chambers. 2018. The Long Run.

Radio Nippon
Papatheodorou, Theodoros and Goni, Kyriaki. 2015. Radio Nippon.


The Art Of Feeling
Papatheodorou, Theodoros and Chambers, Thomas. 2017. The Art Of Feeling. In: "The Art of Feeling", Truman Brewery, United Kingdom.

Emotional Mirror
Papatheodorou, Theodoros and Chambers, Thomas. 2016. Emotional Mirror. In: "Athens Digital Art Festival 2016", Athens, Greece, 19.05.2016 - 22.05.2016.


Trieste interactive museum exhibit
Papatheodorou, Theodoros and Tom, Chambers. 2017. Trieste interactive museum exhibit.

Cinder - augmented reality mirror
Papatheodorou, Theodoros and Tom, Chambers. 2016. Cinder - augmented reality mirror.

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