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Professor Mark Bishop

Prof John Mark Bishop - Director & Professor of Cognitive Computing

Professor Mark Bishop's interests include Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, Swarm Intelligence and Management. He has written a number of published books and articles and both lectured and advised on policy at institutions ranging from the United Nations and UK Parliament to TEDx London.

Email: m.bishop (

Phone: (0)20 7896 2607

Dr John Howroyd playing jenga

Dr John Howroyd: Director of Operations

Dr John Howroyd was Head of Research for @UK PLC, co-developing a Spend Analytics system for NHS London from concept to delivery, where he led on devising new techniques for automatically enriching this data in a structured way using external data sources. Details of this work can be found in the ‘SpendInsight’ project on the Funded Projects page. During this time he was also the senior Data Base Administrator (DBA) at @UK PLC, supporting all company systems.

Andrew Martin: Senior Technical Analyst

Andrew Martin: Senior Technical Analyst

Andrew has authored several academic research papers and co-edited a well-received volume on Enactive Cognitive Science. He is currently serving as the Secretary of the AISB, where he also has special responsibility for managing the annual AISB Loebner Prize (Turing test) competition for AI.

An image of Franco Formicola in glasses

Franco Formicola: Research Associate

Franco's research interests lie in mathematics, algorithmic learning of automata, formal languages and Computational Linguistics, among others. His PhD research focused on word-sense disambiguation and computational representation of meaning. He is currently working on anomaly detection in time series events. 

Asei Akanuma: Graduate Student

Asei Akanuma: Graduate Student

Asei's research interests include AI; Software Engineering; Machine Learning; Image Processing; Decision Tree algorithms; Artificial Neural Networks; Deep Learning and Reservoir Computing. He is currently serving an internship for ‘Image Data Systems’, developing software for a project in image recognition using Deep Learning algorithms and has previously developed complex ‘Multi-step Ahead Echo State Forecast Models’.

An image of Elena Piazza

Elena Piazza: Graduate Student

Elena’s field of interest with respect to her philosophical background is mostly related to Ontology and its possible application and usability in Information Science. Her thesis will go through the comparison between the two philosophical authorities, Kant and Husserl, spokesmen of two pioneering philosophical and opposed currents. Elena’s strong philosophical background provides a sound philosophical foundation to the problem of Automatic Ontology Generation; Elena is initially investigating an Ontology relating to contract risk analysis.

Amos Yeo: Graduate Student

Amos Yeo: Graduate Student

Amos' interests include Formal Grammars; Stochastic Finite Automata; Entity Resolution; Web Spiders; Automatic Wrapper Extraction. Research Projects: Amazon Web Spider (Goldsmiths); Know Your Customer (KYC) Knowledge Enhancement using LinkedIn and Xing (Tungsten); World-Wide Postcode Parser (Tungsten). He has just published his first academic paper.

An image of Abdelkrim Alfalah

Abdelkrim Alfalah: Graduate Student

Abdelkrim's research interests include Mathematics; Telecoms; Hierarchical Time Series Analysis, Big Data Architecture, Machine Learning and Network Analysis.

Paulo de Jesus

Paulo de Jesus: Graduate Student

Paulo came to Goldsmiths specifically to work with Bishop on Enactivist theories of Mind with an MPhil in Philosophy (Kings College, University of London). His research has developed and extended the foundations of Enactivsm in a number of radical ways, resulting in a new branch he has termed, ‘Semiotic Enactivism’, already widely disseminated across a linked series of five extended journal papers.

Tolga Arslan: Graduate Student

Tolga Arslan: Graduate Student

Tolga is interested in the context of complex problems in classical colour physics (e.g. colour and brightness constancy; Lotto illusions etc), Tolga research explores radical new approaches to colour; specifically Gibsonian ecological accounts. He is currently completing his PhD.

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